It's about more than money

Every single borrower gets access to our Growth Ready program. Custom 1-on-1 coaching and project assistance to help Indiana small businesses take the next step.

Whatever that next step may be.

How do we help?

In short, our Growth Ready program looks like identifying what your primary non-capital business needs are, connecting you with the best equipped person for that need, and then executing projects with you to meet that need.

Business Coaching
Website Creation
Financial Literacy
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So, what does this look like?

Good question. We get it. It's hard to believe it's for real but check out some of the real projects we've worked on with clients to get an idea of what we can help you with!

Bankable Growth Ready Photography

Small business owners are often behind the scenes working tirelessly so we love when we get to put them in front of the camera and show off just how amazing they are. We connect businesses with local entrepreneurs in their area to take high quality pictures for a variety of uses that will elevate our client's brand and more accurately depict just how much of an inspiration they are! Product shoots, staff headshots, website photos, and more.

Bankable Growth Ready Client Websites
Website Creation

It's not news that at this point, a functioning and attractive website presence can be a make or break for many small businesses. We understand how intimidating and difficult it can be for entrepreneurs to design, create, and maintain a website amidst the long list of other things they do. Our team can connect clients with professional resources to cover any of their potential online needs and create an engaging, effective website presence.

Are you a borrower and ready for us to get to work?

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A few Bankable success stories

Check out these videos of a few clients we have had the opportunity to work with and watch their business grow from the very beginning into successful ventures! Click to watch.

Video of Joe Barton of Barton Discounts
Joe Barton
Barton's Discounts
Video of Roz Harris of Fit Chicks!
Roz Harris
Fit Chicks!
Video of JB Shelton talking about DeTour Salon
J.B. Shelton
DeTour Salon

Local & virtual opportunities to learn

Check out our interactive calendar of local and virtual event opportunities to help you and your business. Bankable
is not the host or a sponsor of each event, simply sharing resources.

FAQs about the Growth Ready program

This list is not exhaustive, but here are some of the common questions we hear from borrowers about the Growth Ready program:

How do I qualify for the program?

The Growth Ready program and its project services are available to any of the small businesses who are existing microloan borrowers with Bankable! So, if you have received a loan (no matter the size!) from Bankable, you are eligible to get some help on projects for your business from our team.

How much does this cost?

Bankable does its best to offer projects and programs free of cost to borrowers. There are special cases where a premium service, subscription, event, or project may require financial participation from the borrower if they wish to go above and beyond a typical offering or receive that service for an extended period of time. Each of these instances would occur outside of the standard business assistance offerings that are available to all borrowers.

How do I get started if I'm already a borrower?

It’s easy to get started! (1) You can reach out to your point of contact at Bankable and express your interest in learning more about Growth Ready and how to take advantage of it. Or (2) you can complete the form on this page to submit a request and get started that way!

Will you do my bookkeeping for me?

Our team consists of some experts who can answer any questions you may have and help you get familiar with a better accounting and financial management system. We offer bookkeeping services for a limited time until we can get you connected with professionals. We can also help cover some of the costs associated with bookkeeping and financial management for your business.

What's the catch?

There is no catch! Bankable is a non-profit with the ultimate goal of seeing our borrowers grow into a business who can return to a bank to receive future funding. Time spent working with business owners is made possible mostly through grant funding so it is not often that we require an out of pocket cost for a project!

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Are you a Bankable client  interested in learning more about what the Growth Ready program can do for your business?
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