Organizational collaboration
changes our communities.

Check out some of the ways we have worked with other organizations to maximize the impact in our communities, and ways we can partner with you!

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Partnership can look a lot of ways

Sometimes the word "partnership" can feel too official or perhaps overused, but the different ways we have collaborated with other organizations are significant. We love creating partnerships that are custom tailored, mutually beneficial, and most importantly impactful to our communities. Big or small. Financial or referral. All are important and we'd love to talk with you about how we can work together!

We can help with CRA support

As a CDFI, one of the most common collaborations we work on are with financial institutions that operate in the state of Indiana that are working hard to have a positive impact in their local communities as well as the state. This sometimes looks like funding support but more often looks like a coordinated referral relationship. Either way, our team keeps very detailed impact data and can provide regular and custom impact reports for your organization's use!

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Real partnerships catered to specific needs

Here you can read a little about some partnerships Bankable has participated on that came to fruition through problem solving with other organizations in order to meet very specific needs in their communities and target audiences.

Indy Chamber

In response to the challenges experienced by small businesses in the Indianapolis area during the Covid-19 pandemic, we teamed up with the Indy Chamber and the City of Indianapolis to make nearly $20 Million in Paycheck Protection Program loans to Central Indiana small businesses.

Indy Chamber logo
Mid-States MSDC

Together with Mid-States and with financial support from Old National Bank and Wells Fargo, we created a low cost and no fee loan fund that is available to support Indiana certified MBEs to grow their businesses. Qualifying businesses can also receive additional MBE training and support resources.

Mid-States logoOld National Bank logoWells Fargo logo
City of South Bend

In collaboration with the CDFI Friendly South Bend and supported financially by the City of South Bend, we created a no fee loan product to help local businesses in the City of South Bend to reopen or to remain open when the Covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses to shutter.

City of South Bend Indiana logo
CDFI friendly South Bend

Focused on Indiana's underserved. Focused on making a difference.

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