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Small Business Loan
Up to $350,000
Start-ups & existing businesses
1-10 year terms
10.75–13% interest
No prepayment penalties or hidden fees
Access to Growth Ready services
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Indiana Black-Owned Business Loan Fund
Up to $50,000
No closing cost
1 year paid membership to your preferred Chamber of Commerce
Access to Flagship Business Coaching
Possible MBE certification
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The Basics
No prepayment penalties
1 flat - monthly payment
$500 - $250,000
10.75–13% rate
1 - 10 years
Process Expectations
The process is simple and personally guided by a dedicated member of our team. Parts of the process are online but you can always contact us for help!
piggy bank
Collateral and strong credit will be requested and are helpful, but are not required. Cosigners are also helpful and sometimes requested to strengthen the loan application.
bank funding
Our Mission
We work with small businesses of all size and stage, but we do more than help fund Hoosier businesses. Our team works directly with borrowers to develop their business and graduate back to the bank.

Is Bankable the right fit for you?

As much as we’d like to be able to fund every type of entrepreneurial venture, there are a few requirements to be aware of before starting the application process:

Is (or will) your business be headquartered in Indiana?

Our organization lends to businesses primarily through SBA (Small Business Administration) programs, which limits our geographic reach to Indiana. If you are located outside of Indiana, please visit or to find a lender in your state!

Will this loan be used primarily for real estate resale, lease, or investment?

Loans provided by Bankable for the use of purchasing real estate require that the borrowing business must occupy and utilize at least 51% of the space. Bankable will not provide financing for the purpose of flipping or reselling real estate for profit. Leasehold improvements are an eligible use of loan funds if the borrowing business will be occupying the leased space.

Is (or will) your business be for-profit?

Due to some of the guidelines surrounding our SBA loan programs and other funding sources, our organization primarily lends only  to for-profit businesses. Non-profit child care centers may be eligible if they are not affiliated with a Religious organization.

Have you spoken about your needs with your Bank yet?

To remain in accordance with our program guidelines, we require that any applicant requesting more than $20,000 needs to be unable to be approved for the same loan request at their bank. In any case we encourage and recommend all applicants to discuss their lending needs with their bank prior to working with us. One of our primary goals at Bankable is to help our borrowers grow and develop to the point where they can “graduate” to the bank for their financing needs!

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Fast. But Personal.

Complete our simple online application in as little as 15 minutes. Don’t worry, our  team can walk you through the application LIVE over the phone if you’d prefer.
Your dedicated member of our team will follow up within 24 hours to personally walk you through the rest of the process, help you upload documents, and answer any lingering questions you may have.
Your application will be reviewed with a custom decision tailored to your specific situation. Requests of varying amount and complexity affect the length of the process but we prioritize speed.

What you’ll need

Every loan process requires documentation. This is no different. The absolute best way to ensure a fast process and decision is to be as prepared as possible with all of the different items you might need. Don’t worry, we can help retrieve and produce missing documentation.

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Financial Statements

For existing businesses typically our team will like to see the most recent 1 to 3 years of Profit & Loss as well as an updated Balance Sheet. We understand that many small businesses may not have these accessible or an accounting relationship that can provide them so you are welcome to use these templates to help. If you track your businesses expenses in revenue in some way please provide that to your loan officer!

Tax Returns - Business & Personal

- If you are an existing business, we usually ask for 1 to 3 years of Business and Personal tax returns depending on how long your business has been established. If your business taxes are done through your personal tax return that is perfectly fine! Also, if you are unsure or unable to access your tax returns, we are able to use a tool called TaxGuard that enables us to request your tax transcripts (with your permission of course!).

- If you are a startup or do not yet have any business tax return filings, we will still request 1 to 3 years of personal tax returns.

Personal Information

During the online application portion of this process there will be several questions that pertain to your personal credit and financial situation. Often the information requested will just need an estimate rather than exact numbers but some of the information will include personal assets, personal liabilities, income information, and social security information to check your credit later in the process. If you have concerns about any of the requested information or about your credit history, please notify the loan officer you are working with!

Business Plan (for start-ups)

Bankable works with businesses and entrepreneurs of all stage and size including many startups or early stage businesses. If that is the case for you, oftentimes our team will want to see a thought out written business plan. The importance of this document varies depending on the complexity of your concept and business but seeing your plan down on paper is necessary. If you have not yet created a business plan we encourage you to use this template to get started or better yet contact your local Indiana Small Business Development Corporation (ISBDC) office and an advisor there can work with you directly to create your business plan and projections!


- For Startups and early stage businesses, our team typically likes to see some form of financial projections about how you expect your business to perform as well as come up with your loan amount request. Projections can range in how detailed they are depending on the complexity of your business. You can give it a shot with this template or perhaps your own worksheet, but you can also work with the ISBDC to create projections as well!

- For existing businesses, our need to see projections is less common during the application process. However, if you are seeking funding for a brand new venture/part of the business, or acquiring another business, or making a substantial investment into an unproven thing, our team may request some basic projections!

Real Hoosiers, here to guide you

Although our application starts with an online form and we use a streamlined digital process, our top priority is to make sure every applicant has a personalized experience. Each applicant has a loan officer that will work with them directly to explain the process, answer questions, learn about the story behind the business, and put together the best application package they can.

Marcy Orr, Loan Officer

Benjamin Watson, Loan Officer

Charlie Gray, Loan Officer

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