Partnership is everything

Saying that Bankable would not be able to do what we do without our Referral Partners is not an exaggeration. Nearly every Bankable loan comes directly from a referral partner.
Continue reading to find out why and how to partner, as well as, real examples of the impact real referral partners have on real small businesses and communities.

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How can we partner? Why should we partner?

Funding for the customer
First and foremost, a referral partnership with Bankable provides another funding option for small businesses that aren’t presently ready for traditional financing. That’s our mission.
Customer retention
Bankable offers strictly business term notes. No deposits. No wealth management. No credit cards…you get the point. That means the relationship stays with the bank, you get to say “yes” instead of “no.”
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Future pipeline
Bankable is committed to tracking where referrals come from, and monitoring the progress of the business. When they’re ready, we send them back to you to continue their lending needs.
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Partnership lending
Bankable can take a subordinate position on collateral to fill a funding gap on larger projects that are beyond the bank’s comfort level.
Safe alternative
With rates starting at 8% Bankable loans are a smart and affordable alternative to dangerous, online, high interest rate lenders. We require businesses to talk with their bank before us.
Partners, not competitors
Borrowers are required to pass several “no credit elsewhere” tests to ensure they in fact are not yet “bankable.” Over 80% of all closed loans have originally come directly from a bank referral.

Making a referral is simple

With a familiar face...
Headshot of Natalie Vázquez, Relationship Manager
Alora Oldham
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Headshot of Natalie Vázquez, Relationship Manager
Natalie Vázquez
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Stacey Walston
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If this is your first time learning about Bankable or maybe you aren't quite ready to make a referral yet, please reach out and connect with one of our relationship managers! They would LOVE to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.

Or quick and easy online...
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Partnership makes a difference

The bottom line is that our working together is hugely important and necessary in order to keep  supporting our small businesses and our Indiana communities. We can't say yes every time, but it's always worth a shot. Even if we can't get them approved for the loan they request, we can get them connected with resources to help them move closer to their goal.

Headshot of Jeff Magginis, First Financial Bank
“Do not consider Bankable as a competitor...the program is designed to assist those that are not quite ready for bank financing, yet have merit... Why not utilize another source instead of turning them away?”

- Jeff Magginis, Community First Bank

We're so grateful to work with so many different great organizations, financial institutions and individuals who have recognized the importance of collaboration and becoming a referral partner. The number of referral partners grows every week and it's so exciting to get to work with different bankers, advisors, coaches, community leaders, entrepreneurs, accountants and more that are dedicated to providing as many resources as possible to see Indiana small businesses become "bankable"!

It's a win-win-win

Working together is all upside. The client gets another shot at funding, you get to problem solve with your client, and we get to keep working toward our mission with small businesses. Plus, we like to have fun with our referral partners.

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