Repair your credit and secure business funding at the Credit Boost Challenge!

Repair your credit at the Credit Boost Challenge!

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Microloans - Big Impact

Every year there are thousands and thousands of small businesses in Indiana that are seeking funding or financing for their business or startup dreams.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of those businesses will actually get what they are looking for. That leaves a large number of Hoosiers without the necessary and deserved capital for their startup or existing venture and many resort to more dangerous funding sources.

Bankable exists to offer Indiana small businesses a second chance to secure the funding they need through microloans that are safe and affordable until they are ready for more traditional funding sources.

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based in Indiana
Small Businesses located in Indiana are eligible to apply
Our program offers fair & affordable business loans up to $250,000
coins money
Your small business must be a for-profit entity to apply for a loan
We work with both start-ups & existing businesses

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First, if you're not quite ready for a bank loan, start our online application or have your banker introduce you to us! You can also begin collecting the documents you will need.
Next, after you complete the simple online application, your assigned loan officer will walk you through the entire review process. No question is a bad question!
Lastly, the process moves quick and  we'll get you a custom tailored decision as soon as possible that is transparent, fair, and intentionally reviewed.
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More than a loan

Bankable’s goal isn’t just to fund deserving Indiana businesses, but to aid and equip them to grow their businesses and become Bankable. Our Growth Ready program does just that through coaching and project support. Check out some of the real projects we've done with real Indiana small businesses to help them grow and thrive!

Headshot of Ed Rogers owner of Pro-Tech Vinyl in Indianapolis Indiana
Business Coaching
Financial Literacy
Marketing Assistance
Digital Advertising
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It all starts with a referral

Bankable’s primary objective is to help small businesses who aren’t able to qualify for traditional financing like at a bank…yet. Most often we get connected to businesses through Referral Partners. Our microloans and Growth Ready program are geared to get borrowers back to the bank when they are ready.

“The purpose is to help businesses thrive and help...achieve their goals. By providing lending to these businesses that would otherwise not qualify for more conventional lending, Bankable allows jobs to be created or saved...Most importantly, families are able to grow and become more significant contributors to their communities.”

- Mark Harville, Merchant's Bank
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