2Toms Embraces New Normal

Malik Laffoon
June 30, 2020

To say that Tom Carpenter and 2Toms Brewing Company have adapted to the new normal is an understatement. During the pandemic, they have been recreating and redesigning their business model which has been attracting all new customers. 2Toms was recently featured on Mo Head Y’all’s podcast where he explained what effect the pandemic has had on their business and what they are doing in terms of supporting their community during the protests.

In terms of staying relevant during the pandemic, 2Toms decided to shift their business to a full To-Go model. Although their food sales weren’t up to their standard, their beer sales exceeded their expectations. Some types even sold out in less than 24 hours!


 They were also able to keep their staff thanks to receiving a PPP loan. Since the start of the pandemic, they have gained a lot of new interest within their community. They are now opening at 50% capacity and they still have a To-Go option. They have even implemented a feature on their app to start a tab when you are within 10 miles of the restaurant!

Since the protests have started they have also been very active in their support of the Black Lives Matter movement. They are currently collaborating with the Weathered Souls Black Is Beautiful campaign.


They were challenged to put their personal touch on the Weathered Souls version of the beer to support the movement while giving the proceeds to their community. 2Toms believes that it’s their business’s responsibility to respond when their community is in trouble. They want everyone who picks up their beer to ask the question of  “what can I do more?” or “how can I be involved?” At the end of the day, they want to start a conversation and they want their beer to be a vehicle for that conversation.