Community Response: Circle Kombucha

Cassie Sanchez
March 27, 2020

Bankable's Response

So many small businesses are struggling through the “new normal” after the outbreak of COVID-19. Here at Bankable, we are doing our best to provide as many resources as we can. We are starting a new series of blogs where we focus on clients who have shifted their product into something new. Here is just one story:

Circle Kombucha

Circle first saw the effects COVID-19 by the numerous cancellations across their clientele. They are used to selling kombucha out of farmers’ markets, partner locations (like dine-in restaurants), and other community events. This led them to have to reevaluate their business structure. Now, they offer pre-orders for pickup from their facility. Komal Sheth, Manager of Marketing and Culture, stated that “we are committed to supporting our community in any way we can right now by offering enjoyable, accessible, and nutritional beverages through our curbside sales.”

There was a new mission in all of this. It was to give back to the people on the frontlines: the healthcare community. Circle is founded on four pillars: health, taste, community, and environment. For every three cases that are bought, Circle has promised to donate a case to healthcare workers. Curbside sales launched for the first time last week, and they were able to donate 33 cases! They distributed to six healthcare providers such as IU Health, Methodist, Community East, Eskenazi, St. Vincent, and one other small healthcare clinic.

This idea stemmed from how many hospitals already carry Circle and they recognized that hospitals currently need all of the help and supplies they can. Sheth ends with sharing that consumers can do their part by staying home, being balanced, and shopping local when they can because giving back to the community is important: “It’s a full Circle and we’re in it together.”