Community Response: Oakley Brothers’ Distillery

Cassie Sanchez
April 4, 2020

Community Response

So many small businesses are struggling through the “new normal” after the outbreak of COVID-19. Here at Bankable, we are doing our best to provide as many resources as we can. We are starting a new series of blogs where we focus on clients who have shifted their product into something new. Here is just one story:

Oakley Brothers' Distillery

Just like many small businesses, Oakley Brothers’ was caught off guard by the mandatory closing of all gathering spaces. In the beginning, the distillery closed its kitchen and stopped allowing patrons to congregate in the tasting room and started to focus more on bottle sales. Then, Oakley Brothers’ saw how they could help when it comes to mass shortages of sanitary products.

Oakley Brothers’ found a way to make FDA approved hand sanitizer from scratch and started to give it out to the public for free. “At first, we were just trying to keep up with the demand,” Lisa Oakley, Controller, shared, “we couldn’t keep up so we started asking for monetary donations as well as donations of ingredients and other supplies. We were extremely lucky that people reached out and helped us keep the process going.”

The distilling team at Oakley Brothers’ has been a big part of getting this project up and running. “Our distilling team has been working around the clock to produce more alcohol as well as donating their time,” Oakley stated, “We couldn’t ask for a better work-family.” Because of Oakley Brothers’ hard work, they have been donating to different groups around the community from nursing homes to law enforcement and even to individuals. Oakley Brothers’ is truly living its philosophy of “every aspect of what we do is built on a foundation of pride and passion.”

Make sure that you check out Oakley Brothers’ social media pages to see when they will be releasing more hand sanitizer to the public.