Film Fellows

Cassie Sanchez
April 28, 2020
two students filming at a bakery with a counter with a piece of cake placed on it.

We have been anxiously awaiting to share with you our amazing Film Fellows program! You may be asking, what is Film Fellows? Well, it is an awesome partnership between Anderson University and Bankable. The Cinema Media and Arts program has some phenomenal students who film and create content with our clients.  

Not only do students get hands-on experience doing what they love, but they are also able to help spread what Bankable does for small businesses through video content. So far, the Film Fellows have worked on three projects. We are so excited to share them with you.

Coal Ironworks

The first one that we have to share is our video with Coal Ironworks:

Two practicing blacksmiths, Nathan Brandt and Andrew Davis, created the first-ever functional press that could operate on standard house power. It took many trials, but eventually, they were successful. Bankable is honored that we could be a part of their journey and proud to see Coal Iron Works become bankable.