Kiva Partnership

Bankable FEC
July 27, 2020

Since February, Bankable and Kiva have been working together to help facilitate financial opportunities for small Indiana businesses and entrepreneurs. Kiva loans are crowdfunded by people around the world, who are willing to lend as little as $25, to small businesses gaining access to 0% interest loans of up to $15,000. A Kiva loan gives borrowers the opportunity to continue to grow which in turn allows them to pursue their capital needs. As a borrower starts to repay their loan, the lenders who helped contribute will be paid back for what they lent.

Bankable’s first partnership with Kiva was to help Kenny Kendall’s Gourmet Popcorn find capital. Latarsha Jennings had the dream of serving others and knew that this was the way she wanted to do it. Kenny Kendall’s Gourmet Popcorn was able to reach their total goal of $7,200 within just 42 months thanks to the help of many generous lenders!

Geoffrey Jones has been a huge help within this partnership with Kiva. Geoffrey is a Relationship Manager and Loan Officer here at Bankable and a Capital Access Manager with Kiva. So we wanted to reach out to him to ask what it has been like working with Kiva from his point of view, and here is what he said, “It’s been a great privilege serving as this region’s Capital Access Manager with Kiva. I have the opportunity to continue meeting small business owners in [Indiana] who could really benefit from Kiva funding. Seeing their loans become fully funded by lenders from all over the world is something else. It’s one thing to receive full funding for their business, but seeing dozens of people you’ve never met before lend and help out just means the world to these business owners.”

This partnership between Bankable and Kiva works really well because both organizations are able to focus on getting small business owners the exact amount of capital they need. No one is turned away! At Bankable, we always find a way to help get clients funding. We are extremely honored to be partnered with Kiva and are excited to see the many business owners we can help!