5 Small Business Blogs You Need to Check Out

Bankable FEC
September 27, 2017

Blog-reading should be an important part of your routine. For small business owners, it is a productive way to understand movements in your industry, find motivation for your work ethic, or even find new ideas to try with your business. Most small business blogs take 5 minutes or less to read, and can contain helpful information designed to assist you with operating your business. Are you interested in adding blog-reading to your daily routine? Do you need a place to start? We have five great small business blogs featured below that we have personally found to regularly feature excellent, informative content.

A user reading a small business blog.

Big Ideas for Small Business: http://www.barbaraweltman.com/barbaras-blog/

Barbara Weltmann is a well known small business taxation expert. Many of her postings are regarding taxes, financing, or planning your estate, but she also creates content that is highly topical to recent events. Her blog is a great place to browse for financial and legal advice, or just to read a new take on the latest event in the business sector.

Buffer Blog: https://blog.bufferapp.com/

Buffer is a social media service that allows users to schedule out their content as they please. Users can load their social media posts into a queue that regularly outputs content at intervals and times that the user selects. In addition to providing a fantastic social media service, they also run an amazing blog. Their blog is largely focused on digital marketing tactics and advice. Need some information regarding social media, search engine optimization, or just finding new ways to reach consumers online? Buffer Blog is a great place to start.

Kabbage Small Business Blog: https://www.kabbage.com/blog/

Kabbage is an online financial technology company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Their blog has a jack-of-all-trades focus, as they make an effort to cover as many topics as they can. Their articles cover a range of topics such as accounting, marketing, and leadership advice. Overall, they feature a generous amount of quality learning opportunities through their content.

Nextiva Blog: https://www.nextiva.com/blog/

Nextiva is a VOIP provider for businesses, and is a leading provider of cloud-based business communication solutions. They also offer a blog that tackles some of the more abstract ideas that are relevant to small businesses: leadership tactics, employee motivation, and productivity ideas. Their articles serve as great food-for-thought, and can help you change how you operate your business internally.

Bplans: http://www.bplans.com/

Bplans distributes business plan and financial templates, as well as many other resources for small businesses. Their blog follows along in a similar vein of thought, offering content that provides assistance regarding many of the core needs of a business. This blog is absolutely a must-read for any small business operator.