Staying Connected During Covid-19

Bankable FEC
August 5, 2020

According to research found by Gallup’s, 62 percent of employed Americans currently say they are working from home during the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore many of us are learning,  adapting, and adjusting to the way we are working.  Most studies are showing people prefer to be working remotely. So the question is:  why is it important to keep the office culture strong and how can we continue to stay connected to one another? That also brings up the question that many entrepreneurs and small business owners have, which is: how can we continue to support other small businesses during this time?

Why do we need office culture?

Office culture is important for employees, not only does it give you a destination to attend to and start a routine with, but it can also play a role in how you decide your day is going to go. Having a space where people are able to come together ideate, brainstorm, and trust one another adds value to your business. Employees are more likely to enjoy their work when they are somewhere where the culture is a good fit. Staples 2019 Workplace Survey states that 90 percent of employees say allowing for more flexible work arrangements and schedules would increase employee morale, while 77 percent say allowing employees to work remotely may lead to lower operating costs. Now that many of us are working remotely, how can we adjust to making our work environment more comfortable as well as staying intune with our co-workers?

Here are some examples of the differences between positive and negative work environments!

What does a positive work environment have?

What does a negative work environment have?

If we look at the differences we are able to see how important employee connection truly is for a business.

How can we continue to stay connected even when we are working from home?

While we are all still trying to adjust to the new “normal” we are able to grow and learn and stay connected in different ways than ever before. We have to prioritize and manage our time to connect with coworkers.  Here are a few different ways to stay connected and engaged with others in the workplace.

These are just some of the many ways you can stay connected with those in the workplace while you’re working remotely! Here at Bankable, we have incorporated social distant picnics, group bingo, and several other virtual contests within our team! It might seem frightening and discouraging for some to know that working remotely is the new “normal”, but for those who are feeling this way we hope to have provided you with some more ways to make your connection with your coworkers still relevant and less disappointing!

How can we support small businesses while staying home?

Although many of us are learning to work remotely and stay as connected to our co-workers as we can, many small business owners and entrepreneurs are changing the way they work as well.  Here are a few different ways small businesses are learning to adapt and stay connected in this new environment.

Those are just a couple examples of how many small businesses are learning to help eachother out during these challenging times. Check out PaySimple  to see several more small businesses learning to adapt and adjust during this time.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners we are always looking for different ways we can support one another and continue to help each other’s businesses. Since covid-19 things have become a little more difficult and caused a few setbacks within the small business world. Many of us are learning and adapting to the virtual world and becoming more

There are several different ways we can all support small businesses during this time. Here is a list of a few different ways to stay connected and supportive towards small businesses while staying home.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to our Bankable team to discuss ways your business could stay connected while working remotely by emailing us at

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